Keep Your Lawn Neat & Tidy All The Time!

Introducing SnipMaster™ - A handheld brush trimmer that cleans up hard-to-reach areas in your backyard!

This cordless & portable cutting tool effortlessly removes place grass, leaves, branches, and other unwanted greens in your backyard area!

Keep your lawns well-maintained with a uniform finish using

SnipMaster™️ for a gleaming, looking backyard that will impress everyone!

SnipMaster™️- The Perfect Tool For Backyard Maintenance

Advanced Cutting Capabilities

SnipMaster™️ has a 2-in-1 design that allows the tool to function both as a brush trimmer and lawn shears suitable for all your backyard landscaping needs. 

You can trim bushes and shrubs or cut the grass around flower beds, walkways, and tight corners using SnipMaster™️.

No other special tools needed, just change your blades and you’re good to go!

This is your best go-to tool after mowing your lawn to get that fresh, clean look. 

Time & Energy Saver

SnipMaster™️ is lightweight, compact, and designed to cut down your landscaping time by over 50%!

Use it easily with one hand and trim areas that big gardening machines can't reach hassle-free.

Convenient & Cordless Operation

In making your landscaping even more convenient, SnipMaster™️ is a cordless device for easier handling and operation!

You don’t have to worry about finding a power source every time you want to do some lawn maintenance on your own.

No more frustration in dealing and maneuvering with tangled up power cables while landscaping!

Safe To Use

With its rotating handle and safety lock, SnipMaster™️ prevents accidental startups that may cause any injuries.

You can position the handle and lock it in three (3) ways: -30 °, 0 ° and 30 °, so you can use it comfortably in different situations. 

Strong Battery Life For Longer Working Time

The 7.2-volt lithium-ion battery of SnipMaster™️ has a running time of sixty (60) minutes, enough for you to do all the touch-ups you need in your backyard!

You can charge it via a micro USB cable, meaning you will not run out of ways in using this tool!

SnipMaster™ Is Designed For People With A Green Thumb - It's Your New Reliable Partner In Maintaining A Beautiful Backyard!

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