Regular Chainsaws Are Bulky, Exhausting & Require Gasoline, Aren't They?

That is why we created QuickSaw™️ - A Portable Chainsaw For All Your Needs! It takes only seconds to cut the thickest wood logs.
QuickSaw™️ makes the job safer both in terms of stability and the greater distance between your body and the chainsaw.



Highly Efficient Cutting

QuickSaw™️ is designed for efficiency, providing you the top market performance, which takes just seconds to cut thickest wood logs and can be used in multiple instances like cutting branches, pruning, gardening & much more!

Saves Cutting Time

Bi-directional blades cut deep into the wood every time you push and pull, reducing your cutting time drastically so you can spend less time cutting and more time enjoying your time in the nature!

Fork Like Chain Design

The blades of QuickSaw™️ are made of the exact same razor-sharp steel you'd find on high-end chainsaws!
The blade wraps around any tree and cuts three sides at once with its unique fork like chain design, as opposed to regular chainsaws that only cut one side.

Easy To Control - Battery Powered

QuickSaw™️ is powered not by a regular motor, which makes it easy for anyone to use! 
You don't need to struggle against the powerful of a motor the entire time anymore, saving your energy to relax around the campfire.


The integrated guide plate dissipates heat quickly and is very resistant to falling and abrasion!
Due to its small & lightweight design you can carry it almost anywhere without having to worry about the storage as it can be fit into any regular sized bag.

QuickSaw™️ Is A Portable & Effective Chainsaw For All Your Needs