A New Standard In Road Safety Gear For All Cyclists!

Introducing BikeSignal™️ - a reflective vest with integrated LEDs that makes you more visible on the road to keep you safe at all times!

BikeSignal™️ has 5 LED signals and wireless remote control, making it an excellent safety gear that provides you a worry-free ride whether you're on tight roads or highways!

Prioritize your safety and get spotted easily with BikeSignal™️ - your new favorite partner in all your bike rides!

BikeSignal™️- The Ultimate Safety Gear Of Cyclists

Super Bright & Reflective Lighting System

BikeSignal™️ makes you visible from more than 500 yards away day or night, thanks to its bright lighting system.

 Intuitive Signal & Direction Indicators

BikeSignal™️ has reflective strips that you can easily activate and use for your turn and emergency signals.
Choose from five 5 LED signals to show anyone on the road when you turn or which lane you are about to take!

Hands-Free Signaling For Extra Convenience and Safety

Mount the wireless transmitter of BikeSignal™️ on your bike’s handlebar and make turn signals using the remote control!
You don’t have to take your hands off your bike, giving you unrivaled convenience and safety 24/7! Truly a great accessory for all cyclists!

Comfortable & Fits All Sizes

BikeSignal™️ is easy to wear, even when you have a backpack.
The fully adjustable elastic straps and soft, breathable material make you feel comfortable no matter the weather!

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